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Solving investing challenges

Solving investing challenges One user of Dynamic Investor Pro investment software called and said:  “I want investments that are really safe.” Then another said, “I know I could create some investment groups and trading strategies, but I don’t have the time.” Both these asked if the operators of Dynamic Investor Pro if they could do […]

New ETF Sector Trading Strategies

 New ETF Sector  Trading Strategies Last month Dynamic Investor Pro investment software, in it’s  Di Pro Advisory newsletter published four new trading strategies using an ETF sector group of symbols. Many of the newsletter existing strategy examples had excellent returns, but a few simply under-performed.  In addition all the existing trading strategies had worse-case single […]

New Asset Class ETF Trading Strategies

New Asset Class ETF Trading Strategies This month Dynamic Investor Pro in their newsletter, Di Pro Advisory,  published two new examples of trading strategies for the asset type with ETF symbols. The objectives used in developing these trading strategies were: First to show you can take a pre-existing group and fine-tune it with for new […]

15 Trading Strategies that Won in 2016

15 Trading Strategies that Won in 2016 Last year Dynamic Investor Pro investment software had 15 trading strategy examples that scored gains ranging from 17% to 67%.  Impressive. These strategies used a variety of investment groups (universes as some call them).  These included 7 using ETFs, 4 using stocks, and 4 using mutual funds. Each […]

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