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An Investment Recipe for Success

“If our recent recession proved anything, it’s that all the advocates of patterned investing were wrong.” That’s what I wrote in my new book, “Investing Guide for Retirement”. In some final comments, I said, “Don’t be swayed, stick with your plan. Once you have a solid, proven winner for your retirement investment plan it is […]

Technical Analysis

“Is there any way to learn how to analyze and pick the best stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds?”  The short answer is, YES.  You can use technical analysis. I know this may sound scary because very few people know how to do technical analysis, but the good news is we don’t need to know. Why […]

Diversify with groups

Having a watch group, or better yet a few different groups, is essential to successful investing.  With a pre-selected universe of stocks, mutual Funds, or ETFs it is easier to pick the best positions, the best stocks, to invest in at any given point in time. There are two things that investors must determine about […]

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