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Yes Monthly Investing Works

Yes Monthly Investing Works Often I get the question:  can you succeed in growing an investment account by only investing monthly?  Only making changes once a month? In Dynamic Investor Pro, I took their standard ETF Sectors group of 12 symbols (plus the S&P500 benchmark) and back-tested it for monthly trading. The results were very […]

Safe Investing with the S&P 100

Safe Investing with the S&P 100 The results from the new trading strategy in Dynamic Investor Pro investment software using the S&P 100 group are no surprise.  Not At All. Sure the trading strategies have had ups and downs over the past months but with 6 month returns exceeding 20%, this is impressive. Dynamic Investor […]

My Key Strategy Continues Strong

My Key Strategy Continues Strong   My 3-symbol basic trading strategy continues to outperform the S&P500.  The strategy is conservative but records steady gains.   I monitor the strategy weekly in Dynamic Investor pro.  But the point is you can have a simple trading strategy that includes a balance of symbols to switch between depending […]

Two types of Analysis – My Favorites

  Two types of Analysis – My Favorites   There are many ways to analyze stock market data for safe profitable investing.  But my favorites are relative strength momentum and alpha.   Both of these are types of relative strength analysis. Don’t be confused between relative strength and momentum.   Analyzing based on momentum is […]

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