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Two types of Analysis – My Favorites

  Two types of Analysis – My Favorites   There are many ways to analyze stock market data for safe profitable investing.  But my favorites are relative strength momentum and alpha.   Both of these are types of relative strength analysis. Don’t be confused between relative strength and momentum.   Analyzing based on momentum is […]

Elements of Successful Investing

Success in investing requires both persistence and trust. Despite a history of occasional recessions and drops in the stock market, the long-term, overlying trend of the stock market has been upwards. Applying answers to the basic questions of what, when, where, why, how and who will allow you to grow your retirement account safely and/or […]

Relative Strength Momentum Investing

Relative Strength Momentum (RSM) is a statistic that measures the acceleration of the relative strength (stock, mutual fund or ETF). This makes RSM a key to safe investing. The higher the Fast Moving Average moves above the Slow Moving Average the greater the ranking value. Relative Strength Momentum investing is a proven, successful way to […]

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