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Safe Investing Observations, Comments, Suggestions from Galligan Financial

In his recent Investment Advisory Newsletter, Steve Galligan had a few comments which I share here. Commenting about 2015, he wrote, “The reasons for the lackluster performance include: the Federal Reserve decision to raise interest rates; a slowdown in China’s economy which impacts commodities; a global economic slowdown; a rising U.S. dollar that hurts U.S. […]

Investment Method

What Investment Method Gives You the Best Return? There is one method out there that will give you the bet return on your investments, but it requires a bit of detective work to find.  For some people, it may only take five minutes to discover, for others, it could take weeks, but there is one […]

Your time and Diversificataion

How you diversify your investment portfolio should be directly related to the amount of time you plan to spend managing your investments.  If you have very little time or just want to spend a few hours (or less) a month managing your portfolio, then you will want to look at mutual funds, stock or ETFs […]

Getting Started with Mutual Funds

Investing with mutual funds sounds easy – and it can be if you approach it right.  As with anything and everything else in life you have to make some basic decisions before you start in order to get yourself off on the right footing. Getting started with Mutual Funds- The key benefits to investing in mutual funds are: […]

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