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The 10 Key Dow Sectors

The 10 Key Dow Sectors There are multiple ways to invest in the stock market, infinite ways.  But using the 10 key Dow sectors is a simple way.  And it can be very profitable. The home page of Dynamic Investor Pro investment software program shows the Dow’s 10 primary sectors and how they have performed […]

Smart Strategies for Conservative Investors

Smart Strategies for Conservative Investors Almost everyone is a conservative investor to some degree but if you are always concerned about not losing your hard-earned cash, then you probably fit the mold for a true conservative investor. The good news is that there are sound strategies for conservative investors that can still grow your money—maybe […]

Staying Ready to Buy

Staying Ready to Buy   The markets crashed the other day.  Nothing new.  This happens more often than we realize. The question is:  were you prepared? Ready to sell marginal positions Ready to buy It is one thing to jettison marginal positions.  They are the easy ones to spot – barely making any gains or […]

My Key Strategy Continues Strong

My Key Strategy Continues Strong   My 3-symbol basic trading strategy continues to outperform the S&P500.  The strategy is conservative but records steady gains.   I monitor the strategy weekly in Dynamic Investor pro.  But the point is you can have a simple trading strategy that includes a balance of symbols to switch between depending […]

When to Re-balance Your Portfolio

When to Re-balance Your Portfolio When should you re-balance your portfolio?  Or maybe the question should be:  Should I ever re-balance my portfolio? Re-balancing means that you are going to sell all or most of your positions at a specific point in time and pick new investments that offer less risk than your present holdings. […]

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