When should you Sell?

When should you Sell?

Do you hate it when one of your stocks goes down? I do. I just hate it.

Saying I’m disappointed doesn’t come close to what I want to say.  And I’m sure you feel the same.

That’s part of the reason I put created the guide, Safe Investing Guide Using One Chart It’s all about how using the equity curve.

The guide is a small but critical part of my 7-Step Retirement Investing CourseWant it?  It’s yours for the asking.  It will tell you how to setup an equity curve and provides a bunch of examples.

Use the equity curve and you will:

  • Know when to sell a stock or ETF
  • Know if buying is a good idea
  • Know if you should continue using a trading strategy
  • Know which trading strategy is the best
  • Know if you should completely pull out of the markets and when you should get back in

Want my guide?  Just click HERE.

This Safe Investing Guide Using One Chart proves it doesn’t take any special ability to know when and what action to take for safe investing.  Yes, there is more to profitable investing, but this is an essential guide to “safe investing” as part of my 7-Step Retirement Investing Course.

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