The 10 Key Dow Sectors

The 10 Key Dow Sectors

There are multiple ways to invest in the stock market, infinite ways.  But using the 10 key Dow sectors is a simple way.  And it can be very profitable.

The home page of Dynamic Investor Pro investment software program shows the Dow’s 10 primary sectors and how they have performed in recently.

You could invest in sector ETFs or mutual funds that replicate these sectors or go deeper and invest in stocks that correspond to any sector.

Trading Strategies of 10 key Dow sectors

Dynamic Investor Pro put together a group of iShares ETFs that mirror the Dow 10 key Sectors and developed trading strategies based upon this group.

Their initial report provided a wide range of results based on different types of analysis.  Results from 2005 vary from 322% ROI to 760%.  For the past 3 months the results ranged from 3% gain to 11%.  By the way, the S&P500 since 2005 is up 100% and for the last 3 months it had a gain of 5%.

Net result:  tracking and investing based on the 10 key Dow sectors can be very profitable.

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