Month: May 2017

When should you Sell?

When should you Sell? Do you hate it when one of your stocks goes down? I do. I just hate it. Saying I’m disappointed doesn’t come close to what I want to say.  And I’m sure you feel the same. That’s part of the reason I put created the guide, Safe Investing Guide Using One […]

The 10 Key Dow Sectors

The 10 Key Dow Sectors There are multiple ways to invest in the stock market, infinite ways.  But using the 10 key Dow sectors is a simple way.  And it can be very profitable. The home page of Dynamic Investor Pro investment software program shows the Dow’s 10 primary sectors and how they have performed […]

What stock should you buy?

What stock should you buy?  Every day there seems to be another article on the internet suggesting this day’s or this month’s best buy. But amazingly they rarely tell you when to sell.  When to take your profits or prevent losses. Here is a recent example of what to buy this May. Zack’s stocks for […]

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