Reading Michael Carr’s Book on Relative Strength Investing

Reading Michael Carr’s Book on Relative Strength Investing

Every time I get a call from someone who just read Mike Carr’s book, “Safe Profitable Investing with Relative Strength” I get excited.

Safe Profitable Investing with Relative Strength by Michael J Carr

It’s simply amazing how Carr tested just about every formula for relative strength.  He tells you exactly what he did.  Tells you the exact formulas and then proceeds to compare each one against the others.

In the final chapters he narrows down the formulas to those most likely to give you consistent positive results.  And he does this by testing with different universes of ETFs and how you can apply his results to stocks and mutual funds.

I guess this is why many columnists and websites refer to Michael J. Carr, CMT as the guru of relative strength investing.  His book is available on Amazon.

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