Safe Investing with the S&P 100

Safe Investing with the S&P 100

The results from the new trading strategy in Dynamic Investor Pro investment software using the S&P 100 group are no surprise.  Not At All.

Sure the trading strategies have had ups and downs over the past months but with 6 month returns exceeding 20%, this is impressive.

S&P 100 trading strategies

Dynamic Investor Pro put together this investment group a few months ago and then developed trading strategies based upon different means of relative strength analysis.  They published five trading strategies in their Di Pro Advisory newsletter available to their clients.  I have been following the strategies ever since.

The trading strategies have produced some obvious different results in total return.  But the differences don’t stop there.

  • Total Return since 20015 varies from 458% to 1,513%
  • Total Average Annual return varies from 15% to 26%
  • Greatest Drawdown varies from 15% to 22%
  • Average Annual Drawdown varies from 10% to 12%

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