Dynamic Investor Pro investment software releases version 6

Version 6 of Dynamic Investor Pro investment software was recently released.

Version 6, I am told, is almost a complete re-write with new code that is optimized for Windows 10 while still working with all previous versions of Microsoft Windows.

The  investment software’s range of new features tweaks the program to make it even more user friendly and comprehensive.  Right off the bat, on the ‘home’ page a “workflow” series of buttons guides you thru the steps to make immediate buy-sell decisions.

A few of the new features reported include:

  • Change Trade – from the main strategy report screen or [History] – you can change symbol, shares, price per share
  • Font size is selectable (System>Setup) so it is easier to read regardless of your monitor size
  • Types of Analysis are given names indicative of the type of analysis: (Dynamic Power, Dynamic Steady, Dynamic Strength, Dynamic Fluctuate)

Many, many more – some are exclusive to the Advisor Edition.  All the new features in the program’s Standard Edition are present in the Advisor Edition.

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