New ETF Sector Trading Strategies

 New ETF Sector  Trading Strategies

Last month Dynamic Investor Pro investment software, in it’s  Di Pro Advisory newsletter published four new trading strategies using an ETF sector group of symbols.

Many of the newsletter existing strategy examples had excellent returns, but a few simply under-performed.  In addition all the existing trading strategies had worse-case single time drawdowns ranging from 22% to 56%.  So new trading strategies were developed that:

  1. Equaled or beat the existing strategies long-term gains
  2. Beat the existing strategies for worse-case single time drawdowns
  3. Had better annual and mid-long term gains

These new trading strategy examples show that with careful back-testing the objectives could be met.  Here are some comparisons of the pre-existing trading strategies and the new trading strategies.  All these trading strategies use the same Sector ETF symbols and were developed using the program, Dynamic Investor Pro.

Sector ETF Trading Strategies data

  • Pre-existing long-term returns = 262% > 392% – New Strategies = 438% > 776%
  • Pre-existing strategies drawdowns = 22% > 56% – New Strategies = 14% >20%
  • Pre-existing strategies 2016 returns = -9% > 19% – New Strategies = 18% > 38%
  • Pre-existing strategies last 3 Years = -12% >32% – New Strategies = 26% > 45%

Sector ETF Trading Strategies chart

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