How to Choose Investment Software

This is important. How do you choose your investment software?

You can look and see the prices on many websites. But just checking prices doesn’t tell you what the cost of investment software is in relationship to what you want to do.

Profitable investing requires more than just picking an investment program based upon price. Sure that is important, but price shouldn’t be the sole reason for your decision in picking a software program. A few “price’ examples are at the end of this report.

For example, Dynamic Investor Pro has two editions. The Standard Edition has all the features most often requested by private investors looking for flexible software that has built-in trading strategies and allows for your to create your own custom trading strategies.. The Advisor Edition has extra features requested by professional advisors and many serious private investors including unlimited custom portfolios.

Here are some of the factors involved in picking investment software and evaluating the various costs:

• Price – base price + any add-ons + stock market data feed

o Do they offer specials
o Do they offer packages with extra services or products
o Is there a money back guarantee

• Training – what type of training is available

o Videos – are they free
o Webinars – are they one-on-one or more general

• Support – what type

o Phone – is it free
o Phone – is there a limit
o Email – how fast is a typical response

• Time – how much time

o Learning curve
o Time required for each session
o Time required if you only look at it once a week

• How does the software provide buy-sell recommendations?

o Are there trading strategies based upon different criteria
o Can you create your own trading strategy
o Is it strictly chart based
o Does it offer multiple means of analysis
o Are there ticker symbol limits
o Can you examine the data for a symbol in various ways
o What kind of charts

 Symbol charts
 Strategy charts
 Portfolio charts

This list of items to check can go on and on. This is especially true if you want to create your own trading strategies or set chart parameters and not go just by what the authors say.

Here are some examples of prices in March 2016

Dynamic Investor Pro (Dynamic Investor Pro – Features & Pricing)
Standard Edition $0 or $279 – one time cost 30-day no-quibble guarantee
Advisor Edition $149 or $429 – one time cost 30-day no-quibble guarantee

Data feed – options for monthly, quarterly or annual payments:
$44 – $114 – $395 or $54 – $139 $489

Software B

Monthly $112, quarterly $279, annual $910
Training DVD $150 + shipping

Software C

Monthly $59, annual $645
Plug-in additions range from $495 to $2,995

Software D

Monthly $90, annual $900

Obviously there is a wide range of pricing for investment software. But again the important factors are: does the software do the job you want; is it fast; how long it will take each day or each week? And perhaps, equally important, how successful are its users and what type of investors use the program?

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