Value Stocks for Profitable Investing

You, I and just about everyone wants to find a stock that going up but doesn’t cost too much. That’s a value stock.

The trick of course is finding these type stocks. The easiest way is to let someone else do the research and then pick from their results. This requires scouring the internet for unbiased reports.

The other way is to form a group in your investment software by doing a screening on your brokers website. Fidelity investments, for example will let you pick out those stocks selling for less that $20. Once you have your group you can analyze the stocks with one of the relative strength formulas to find the movers. The alpha type of analysis would be the more aggressive formula to use in this situation.

Here is the equity curve chart for CENT (Central Garden & Pet) that fits this value situation.

CENT 12 month equity curve thru 3-9-16

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