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What computer should I buy to run my investment software?

I get this question frequently from clients seeking to replace a failed or old laptop or desktop. Of course it partially depends upon the software you are using and if the software is doing complicated analysis.

The answer also depends upon your budget. The faster the main processor chip (CPU) and the more memory (ram) the faster your program will run. Every computer on the market today will run my investment software and I would presume that of others. The difference is speed and overall appearance.

If you select a small laptop, you many need to scroll to see all the information on your screen. My wife’s laptop with a 12 inch screen does show everything with our investment software, but then again it all depends on how you set the resolution on your screen. If the resolution is too low, making the type faces too big, you will likely have problems (John in tech support at Dynamic Investor Pro is always helping clients with this issue).

The speed factor comes into play if you have lots of investment groups, groups with more than 60 ticker symbols, do extensive back-test optimizations, or you are simply like my wife who has no patience with her computer no matter how new or powerful it is.

So here are a few suggestions:

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Surface pro 4 (very fast)

HP laptop (large screen, fast)

HP laptop (large screen, 16G ram, very fast)

HP desktop

HP desktop (very fast)

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