Month: February 2015

RSM For Successful Investing

Relative Strength Momentum for Successful Investing Using relative strength moment (RSM) to invest in the markets for safe retirement investing is easier than you think. The critical keys to using relative strength momentum for successful investing are simple:   Understand How RSM works Having a Method Implementing a Strategy You have two basic choices for […]

The Path to Safe Investing

There is a difference between being afraid to invest and being cautious.  Don’t be afraid to invest.  When you are considering to buy stocks, invest in ETFs, or purchase mutual funds for your financial future, being afraid to act does nothing but ensure that you will fail… because you are paralyzed with fear.   Being […]

How to Select a Broker

Selecting a broker to handle your investment portfolio can be a nightmare. But it can also be easy.  Brokers want your money/business and most sincerely want to do a good job for you, but remember you need to choose an online investment broker that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Every year, magazines like Kiplinger’s, […]

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