Month: November 2014

Blend Your Porfolio to Your Liking

Diversifying your portfolio is kind of like blending a variety of coffee beans to create your perfect cup of coffee.  Your cup of coffee, just like your portfolio, will be unique to you.  While this diversification example sounds simple enough, there are a few pitfalls that apply whether you are investing in stocks, ETFs, or […]

Your time and Diversificataion

How you diversify your investment portfolio should be directly related to the amount of time you plan to spend managing your investments.  If you have very little time or just want to spend a few hours (or less) a month managing your portfolio, then you will want to look at mutual funds, stock or ETFs […]

Elements of Successful Investing

Success in investing requires both persistence and trust. Despite a history of occasional recessions and drops in the stock market, the long-term, overlying trend of the stock market has been upwards. Applying answers to the basic questions of what, when, where, why, how and who will allow you to grow your retirement account safely and/or […]

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