Month: August 2014

The Path to Safe Investing

There is a difference between being afraid to invest and being cautious.  Don’t be afraid to invest.  When you are considering to buy stocks, invest in ETFs, or purchase mutual funds for your financial future, being afraid to act does nothing but ensure that you will fail… because you are paralyzed with fear. Being cautious […]

Your Diversification Questions

Diversifying your investments has two benefits: You reduce the risk of losing money. You increase your chances for greater gains. Both of these are part of a safe investing strategy. The process of diversifying your portfolio can be as easy as or as complicated as you wish to make it. Many authors regularly publish magazine […]

Don’t Confuse Safe Investing with Conservative Investing

Don’t Confuse Safe Investing with Conservative Investing There are many concepts and techniques for investing in the markets, but they all come down to three basic “personalities” types: Conservative Aggressive Safe Most people will say that conservative investing means not taking any chances and growing your portfolio slowly over time.  At the same time they’ll […]

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