Month: June 2014

3 Principles For Safe Investing Today

There are books galore on investing smartly, but safe profitable investing today revolves around three key principles.  If you follow these 3 principles for safe investing today your long-term investments future can be quite profitable. The three key principles for profitable safe investing are: Consistency Proven Analysis Simplicity   If these don’t sound like they […]

Finding Winning Investments

Can you always find a wining investments? What about when the markets are in turmoil either from economic forces, natural disasters, or political folly?  The answer depends upon two factors: how you define WINNING, and when you want the stock, ETF, or mutual fund to produce gains. When the markets are in turmoil and almost […]

Why Relative Strength Investing Produces Winners

The difference between relative strength and momentum investing are substantial, yet many investors confuse the two and may even think they are identical.  The same can be said for making investment decisions based solely on charts instead of using comprehensive technical analysis. Michael Carr describes his book, Safe Profitable Investing with Relative Strength, as the […]

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