Month: June 2014

Investing While Retired

There are specific principles or keys to investing if you are retired.  Yes, there are many books on the subject and new magazine articles on this topic come out almost every month, but somehow their content seems to either miss the key factors or the explanations are so long and convoluted that the key points […]

How to find Cash to Invest

Finding cash to invest is a challenge for many people but it is a challenge that can be easily overcome.  Many authors will tell you that you just need to give up “small” things each day or once a week to find the cash you need to invest.  In my experience, those people who drink […]

How to Set Your Investment Goals

Investment goals revolve around your personality, your resources, and how much money you want to make.  Defining your investment goals requires more than just saying I want to make money in the stock market. Failure to define your goals will result in failing to achieve the profits you deserve and secretly want.  Sometimes we are […]

How to Select a Broker

Selecting a broker to handle your investment portfolio can be a nightmare. But it can also be easy.  Brokers want your money/business and most sincerely want to do a good job for you, but remember you need to choose an online investment broker that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Every year, magazines like Kiplinger’s, […]

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