Month: May 2014

How to Evaluate Personal Investment Software

There are many investment software programs or trading programs available today.  Some are offered by brokerage houses, some are from independent companies.  The challenge is to find the right one that works best for you! A number of key factors in “how to evaluate personal investment software” should be considered when you are doing your […]

Three Reasons You Should Invest Now

You can almost always find reasons for not investing in the markets (ETFs, mutual funds, or stocks) right now.  But there are three reasons why you should absolutely be investing now, despite any market turbulence.  There is also one solid reason for staying on the sidelines. The reasons for investing today, or almost any day […]

The Drawbacks of Lifestyle Funds or ETFs

While Lifestyle Funds or ETFs offer advantages for many people, they can also have unwanted repercussions and may even leave you short of money in your retirement. Definition of ‘Lifestyle Fund’  – An investment fund featuring an asset mix determined by the level of risk and return that is appropriate for an individual investor. Factors […]

Growing Your Retirement Account Safely

A retirement account is crucial to your future. While this is a well-known fact, still not everyone has one, and many of those that do seldom think about them.  It’s time to realize that growing your retirement account safely is not that difficult, and it doesn’t need to be time consuming.  What you have to […]

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